Most Common Deli Hot Case (ILW8) Parts List

Please note the MODEL, MODEL YEAR and SERIAL# can all denote what parts belong on the equipment. In this parts list, we will make our BEST effort to provide correct information. Please feel free to contact our Parts & Service Department for Part# Confirmation, Pricing and Availability.

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  • Check the Data Plate stamped on our equipment that contains the Month & Year of manufacture.
  • If the part needed is not listed below, please contact Custom Deli's Equipment
  • If unit is PRIOR to 2002, it is recommended to contact Custom Deli's Equipment

8 Ft. Hot Cases

The following parts info is for MODEL ILW8. These units are 8 Ft. Hot Cases but do not have a Self Service or Bottom Section. Please contact Custom Deli's Parts & Service Department with any questions.
ITEM ID Description
CDI-631 TOP FRONT Heater Tube 1000 Watt 38 1/4" Length
CDI-642 TOP BACK Heater Tube 700 Watt 38 1/4" Length
CDI-47 Heater Tube Socket Set (Includes 2 Socket Ends, Wire & Wire Nuts)
CDI-603 Heater Tube Guard (2 Rods, 2 Plates)
CDI-632 Fluorscent Bulbs 28 Watt 45 1/8" Length
CDI-630 Fluorescent Bulb Socket
CDI-639 Fluorscent Bulb Ballast
CDI-653 Pan Element
CDI-395 ROCKER SWITCH with Amber Indicator Light
CDI-572 MAIN POWER SWITCH 40 Amp/3 Pole ("Tyco" or "CBI" Brand)
CDI-611 HEATER TUBE POWER SWITCH 30 Amp/2 Pole ("Tyco" or "CBI" Brand)
CDI-702 FRONT 8 Ft. Lexan Heat Shield
CDI-703 BACK 8 Ft. Lexan Heat Shield (Up to Dec 2011)
CDI-810 BACK 8 Ft. Lexan Heat Shield (Dec 2011 to Present)
CDI-735 BACK 8 Ft. Lexan Heat Shield Support
CDI-814 SPACER with Screw (3/4") for FRONT & BACK Lexan Heat Shield
CDI-548-E2V VERTEX Keypad Controllers (Red Keypad/Older Models)
CDI-716 REDLION/T16 Keypad Controllers (Small Individual Controllers)
CDI-249 Solid State Relay
CDI-257 Temperature Sensor (Thermo Coupler) Probe
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