For Consumers & Service Technicians

Based on Customer Service calls from our Customers – we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions. Please consider we have a wide range of products and they can be different from one Model to the next, from one year to the next.  While we have made every effort to answer these questions to the best of our knowledge, feel free to contact our Parts & Service Department to confirm this information, or to get additional information.

Custom Deli’s Equipment – Parts & Service Department

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Q. How do I clean my hot case?
It is recommended that you use as LITTLE WATER AS POSSIBLE. Please use a damp and/or soapy paper towel or cloth (wring out excess water/soap) and wipe up/clean off the necessary area.  The best case scenario is to clean up or wipe up any spilled product, gravy, sauce or grease as soon as it falls onto the unit.  We realize time may not always allow this.  If product is dried or caked on the deck or shelf where product is displayed, we recommend you do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions.  We recommend using a specific cleaning solution made by ECOLAB, it is called “Greaselift RTU” Non Caustic Degreaser,  product # 6100319.

Q. Where is the Serial# or Model# on my Hot Case?
There is an Identification Plate that has stamped information specific to each unit. The information includes: Serial #, Model #, Electrical Specifications, and Date of Manufacture.  This ID Plate is usually found on the employee side (back/rear) of the unit.  If the hot case has a small door for the controllers that locks/unlocks with a key then the ID Plate will be behind that door.

Q. How long is my Hot Case covered under Warranty?
The Warranty is 1 Year on Parts – excluding bulbs, glass, all gaskets, sliding doors, customer abuse, parts abuse by the customer.  The Warranty is 90 days labor on the unit when it ships directly to the customer.  If your hot case is in need of service it is important to contact Custom Deli’s Equipment directly so we can determine the Warranty and set up service if necessary.  Even if the Warranty has expired, we can still help determine what parts may be needed or suggest a service company in your area.

Q. Where do I get replacement parts?
As with any significant item you might purchase, we would recommend you get replacement parts from the manufacturer. Please contact Custom Deli’s Equipment to order any replacement parts.  We can help you identify the correct part for your unit, whether it is a light bulb or socket, gasket, door, or heating element.  We specialize in helping you identify the part. We will help you order the part and  provide any details you need about shipping including tracking info and proof of delivery.

Q. How do I change the temperature set point on my Hot Case?
We have a variety of Hot Case models and over the years the kinds of controllers on the cases have changed. Listed below are instructions on how to change the temperature on the 3 most common controllers we have.  If your controller is not identified, feel free to contact Custom Deli’s Equipment for more information.  For all our Hot Cases, temperature set points must be changed manually, they DO NOT automatically adjust.

 REDLION BRAND  – GRAY KEYPAD CONTROLLER – may be used on older model units up until 2007.  Buttons on this controller that say “PREV” & “NEXT” move you through each Zone/Pan in the unit. Use these buttons to find the position you want to change the temperature and use the buttons that say “LOWER” & “RAISE” to do either temperature set point.

VERTEX BRAND – RED KEYPAD CONTROLLER – may be used on units manufactured from 2007-2012.  Buttons on this controller that say “PAGE UP” & “PAGE DOWN” move you through each Zone/Pan in the unit.  Use these buttons to find the position you want to adjust the temperature on.  Using the “TEMP” button and number padTEMP – 190 – TEMP.

 REDLION BRAND – INDIVIDUAL BLACK CONTROLLER – is used on units manufactured in 2012 to present. These controllers are small and square on their face/display. There is a button that shows an ARROW UP and one that shows and ARROW DOWN.  Use these buttons on the controller that corresponds with the position you want to adjust the temperature for and use the ARROW UP and ARROW DOWN to adjust it.

Q. What is the recommended temperature for my Hot Case?
This answer, unfortunately, is not a standard temperature for all Hot Cases. Temperatures in a Hot Case or Multi Deck Hot Case vary depending on what kind of product is in a specific Zone or Pan in the unit. The lowest temperature set point we recommend is 170° and the highest is 210°.  If you are using a Deli Hot Case that has a variety of product then you can use the following as a starting point and if these need adjusting we recommend to do so in 5° increments.  We recommend keeping similar product together or in the same area.


EXAMPLES:  gravy, mashed potatoes, and corn


EXAMPLES:  popcorn chicken or shrimp, jalapeno poppers, and chicken wings


EXAMPLES:  corny dogs, chicken tenders, chicken pieces – can be set at 190°

SELF SERVICE SECTION (Bottom Section) – 190° – 200°

EXAMPLES: this area is usually reserved for rotisserie chickens and/or wrapped products

MULTI DECK HOT CASES – 190° If the temperature needs adjusting on a specific level or shelf, change the temperature in 5° increments to find the best temperature for your product. Product in this kind of unit is usually Rotisserie chickens, chicken pieces in containers, and wrapped items.

Q. Can I put product into my unit right after I turn it on?
All of our Hot Cases have a ONE HOUR PRE-HEAT CYCLE. Turn the unit on using the Power Switches, turn on all lights and heater tubes, if the unit has doors- please close them and walk away from the unit for ONE HOUR.  If left alone like this for one hour it will be fully heated and ready for use.  We also suggest putting clean, empty deli pans in the Hot Case while it is heating.  That way you can put your hot product into hot pans which will help maintain proper product temperature.

Q. How do I turn my Deli Hot Case on?
Make sure the unit is plugged into it’s designated power outlet. There are POWER SWITCHES on the unit that are labeled – POWER, LIGHTS, and/or QUARTZ LAMPS. Use these switches to power your Hot Case on and off.  DO NOT unplug/plug the unit from it’s outlet to turn the unit on and off – this can cause issues with the unit, burn up the power connection cord, not to mention it is a safety hazard.

Q. The controller on my Hot Case seems stuck or frozen – how can I fix this?
On some controllers, the screen can seem to freeze or will not move to the next screen. The unit may have sounded an alarm, perhaps because while loading product into the unit, the doors could have been left open for an extended period of time and this caused a drop in temperature which sounded the alarm. You may have pressed “MUTE” and maybe a couple of other buttons and now – it is “stuck”.  At this time you will simply “reboot” the unit.  The controller is like a computer, so, you will need to turn off the unit (using the power switch) please WAIT at least 3-5 minutes to turn it back on.  The issue will be resolved.

Q. What is the recommended temperature for product in my Hot Case?
Our Hot Cases maintain product temperature, they do not cook or “heat up” product. We suggest you thoroughly cook your food items before placing them in the case at the recommended temp of 140° and no lower.  This temperature ensures that the product is safe for your customers. This temperature is safe for most products held in the Hot Case for a period of time – the amount of time is determined on what kind of product it is.