Installing Halogen Bulbs

Manufacturer Recommendations for Installing Halogen Bulbs in your Deli Hot Case

Occasionally we will receive notice of an issue with replacing Halogen bulbs or the bulbs not  lasting long and having to replace them excessively.

The following are suggestions we have found that if followed – your bulbs will last 6 – 12 months.


  √√√ WHEN INSTALLING THE BULBS MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT TOUCHING THEM WITH YOUR BARE HANDS OR GLOVES. These bulbs are sensitive – oils from hands or powders from gloves will soak into them and cause them to burn out quickly. Use a dry paper towel or the bubble wrap your bulb came in to handle them.

  √√√ MAKE SURE TO USE THE MANUFACTURER RECOMMENDED BULBS.  Our bulbs are 130 volt – common store bought bulbs are 120 volt – these will last about 1 – 3 months in your unit.

 √√√ MAKE SURE DURING PREHEAT CYCLE TO PUT CLEAN EMPTY DELI PANS IN THE UNIT. If this is not done – heat rises directly up into the bulbs and sockets and may cause problems over time.


√√√ USE CAUTION WHILE CLEANING. Sometimes cleaning solution or water/liquid can get into lights and socket fixtures causing them to burn out.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Custom Deli’s Parts and Service Department.

☎ 1-800-275-3159